Utility Scale PV

Large-scale ground-based power stations, complemented by agrivoltaics and aquavoltaics.

Floating solar power stations

Floating solar power stations are highly efficient in conserving land resources and have better power generation performance compared to ground installations. They accumulate less dust and are easier for daily maintenance. These stations can also curb the proliferation of algae during their growth periods, thereby protecting water resources.

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Mountain solar power stations

Mountain solar power stations have become a preferred option as the development of power station resources with good conditions such as abundant sunlight and flat terrain becomes increasingly saturated. Constructing photovoltaic power stations in agricultural and pastoral areas or mountainous regions with relatively poorer construction conditions is now a priority.

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Shoal power stations

Shoal areas have less obstruction and abundant solar energy resources. Additionally, other types of projects are difficult to develop there, making the construction of photovoltaic power stations an ideal choice that satisfies both environmental protection and resource utilization.

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Overseas power stations

By integrating geographical and policy factors from different countries and regions, we provide professionalized design, construction, and operation and maintenance solutions for power stations.

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Distributed PV

Industrial and commercial distributed BIPV photovoltaic integrated buildings.

Concrete rooftops

Constructing photovoltaic power stations on enterprise rooftops adopting the "self-use with excess grid connection" model helps reduce costs and enhance efficiency for businesses.

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Steel structure rooftops

Steel structure rooftops reduce direct sunlight exposure in summer, effectively lowering the temperature inside the factory, helping companies save energy.

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Solar carports

Solar carports utilize spare space at enterprises, preventing vehicles from overheating, which not only reduces costs for the business but also provides benefits to employees.

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Unused land

Building photovoltaic power stations on unused land at enterprises facilitates easy installation and makes full use of the land, assisting in cost reduction and efficiency improvement for the company.

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